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CBAS - Compressed Breathing Air Systems

compressed breathing air system (cbas)

EI Compressed Breathing Air Systems (CBAS) purify compressed air to meet or exceed OSHA and CSA requirements.

The CBAS removes oil mist, aerosols, particulates, moisture, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon vapors commonly found in compressed air streams.

Principal of Operation:

The EI CBAS design is comprised of five purification stages.
The first stage consists of a dual layer prefilter, which removes particulate and oil contamination.  The filtered air then passes through a desiccant dryer for moisture and odor removal.  The dryer ensures the integrity and purification efficiency of the catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter, which eliminates Carbon Monoxide, is the next stage of purification.

The fourth stage is an activated carbon bed for the removal of trace hydrocarbon vapors and objectionable odors.  The final stage is a high efficiency particulate afterfilter.

Standard Features:

  • NEMA 4 controls
  • ASME / CRN coded vessels
  • Flow Guard dual Viton o’ring 4-way switching valve
  • “Turn key” skid mounted purification system including all interconnecting piping between components
  • Loose fill, packed beds of desiccant, catalyst, and activated carbon prevent air stream bypass
  • Tower pressure gauges, Blue Moisture Indicator and safety relief valves

Optional Features:

  • Carbon Monoxide monitor with digital display and
    audible alarm
  • Energy saving dew point demand system
  • Moisturizers for purified air stream humidification
  • Custom control packages including Programmable
    Logic Controllers with Operator Interface Terminals
  • OSHA approved respirator manifold assemblies
  • High dew point and fail to shift alarms
  • Stainless steel construction, portable units and
    remote alarm monitoring packages available
  • Training programs detailing documentation
    requirements for OSHA / NIOSH / CSA compliance


Model Outlet Flow (SCFM) Height (in.) Width (in.) Depth (in.) Weight (lbs.) Conn. Size compressed breathing air system (cbas) with dimensions
CBAS-20 12 45 30 16 200 1/2” NPT
CBAS-41 24 55 38 24 275 1/2” NPT
CBAS-52 30 63 38 24 325 1/2” NPT
CBAS-73 43 63 38 24 400 1/2” NPT
CBAS-114 64 58 46 30 500 3/4” NPT
CBAS-146 86 71 46 30 550 1” NPT
CBAS-219 129 58 50 33 775 1 1/4” NPT
CBAS-2911 172 73 50 31 850 1 1/4” NPT
CBAS-3614 215 80 50 34 1,125 1 1/4” NPT
CBAS-4317 258 83 60 42 1,400 1 1/2” NPT
CBAS-5020 301 91 60 42 1,500 1 1/2” NPT
CBAS-5723 344 86 60 43 1,650 2” NPT
CBAS-7229 429 86 62 43 1,750 2” NPT
CBAS-8634 515 96 62 43 2,050 2” NPT
CBAS-10743 644 101 86 51 2,500 2 1/2” FLG
CBAS-12952 773 95 86 51 3,000 3” FLG

For dimensions of larger Compressed Breathing Air Systems, consult Engineering Interests, Inc.  Dimensions are subject to change without notice.

What sets Engineering Interests, Inc. apart:

Respirator Manifold Assembly

Respirator Manifold Assembly:

OSHA / NIOSH approved respirator manifold assembly includes:

  • Air shutoff and safety relief valves
  • Pressure adjusting regulator

Manifold block standard with (2) non-compatible disconnects and protective covers

Digital Dew Point Monitor



Digital Display Dew Point Demand System:

Provides maximum energy efficiency and matches purge rate to moisture loading (prevents breathing air from being over dried).

Ceramic sensor reads dew point between –148°F to +68°F while being resistant to liquid water damage.

air stream moisturizer

Stainless Steel Airstream Moisturizer:

Designed to rehumidify compressed airstream prior to entering worker respirators.
Unit provides humidity level adjustment and sight window to view water level.

Dual units with isolation valves are available to allow service without interrupting production.

carbon monoxide monitor

Carbon Monoxide Monitor:

Unit provides continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide in compressed breathing air stream.
CO monitor includes an audible alarm, and adjustable set points for both OSHA and CSA standards.

Chemical cell or MOS designs available.

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